Spring Lake Park

Today Stuart and Nicholas went to Spring Lake Park on Windmill Lane in Flower Mound. This park was recently part of a beautification project through Keep Flower Mound Beautiful. There is a great fishing pond, pavillion, amphitheater and trails. It's just a nice place to walk around with your children.One of my favorite parts are the interactive nature-based educational stations along the trails that teach about the levels of a forest such as floor and canopy as well as how to identify leaves of the trees in the park. What a great way for children to learn about nature while enjoying the great outdoors!

The guys spent most of their time fishing in the pond. Nicholas has his own little fishing rod and tackle box and is quite a good little fisherman. What fun! These fish usually bite well on little bitty pieces of hot dog which makes for cheap and easy to find bait. But, at least for my child, I find that he wants to snack on the cold hot dog while he is breaking off pieces to put on his hook. Ewww, you just touched a fish and pond water with that hand that you are putting in your mouth! But (fortunately) today we didn't have any hot dogs at the house so the guys used some regular store bought fishing bait that Stuart had in his tackle box. They were quite successful. Nicholas caught four sunfish in a short amount of time!

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