We love Magna Doodle

Since he started Kindergarten, Nicholas has really developed a love and skill for drawing. We have lots of art supplies so he is always grabbing different colors or types of paper or various markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc. I'm so excited that he has found an artistic talent that he loves. He recently dug out his old Magna Doodle board and copied the dog Bolt from a book that he has.

Rachel saw him drawing and tried to take the Magna Doodle from him. So, being a good big brother, Nicholas found his mini Magna Doodle and gave it to Rachel to play with. At first she just wanted to chew on the pen. Why not? Doesn't it look tasty to you?

But Nicholas helped her figure out what a Magna Doodle is all about and soon she was a scribble master :)

Mommy likes the Magna Doodle boards because there is marker stains on the table or tablecloth, no endless piles of scribbled on paper that I have to decide between plastering my refrigerator with or feeling guilty about throwing them away, and I don't have to worry about the little one eating Crayons for lunch.

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