Turkey Trot

Today Nicholas' school had a one mile Turkey Trot today. The entrance fee was canned good donations and everyone was invited to participate so Rachel and I showed up with canned goods in tow. Nicholas was already in the gym when we arrived and he was so exctied to see us.

The Turkey Trot was supposed to take place outside but it is so cold today that they moved it inside. The kids did a warm up relay race in the gym. Nicholas was so cute as he was cheering on his team mates.

The P.E. Coach was great. The gym was full of kindergarteners and parents and there was lots of cheering and running and jumping around but she managed to keep it all together and still have a smile on her face as she danced around.

Since we couldn't trot outside because of the weather, we all just made laps around the inside of the school. Rachel and I started out with Nicholas but he was going a little faster than a trot and there were so many kids participating that Rachel and I decided to just step aside so I wouldn't bump into anyone with the stroller. Nicholas didn't even seem to notice. He just kept making his laps around the building...

Everytime Nicholas passed us, he made a big deal of looking back at Rachel and waving and saying cute things to her. It's wonderful that he loves her so much and gets excited when he sees her.

Of course, Rachel would just giggle and point each time she saw big brother make another lap and wave to her.

When the trot was over, everyone met back in the gym for refreshments. Rachel and I enjoyed getting to sit and chat with him.

A kiss for his baby sister before he trotted back off to class...

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