Knight Themed Party Invitations

My son wanted to have a knight themed birthday party so we came up with these fun party invitations to get guests ready for a night of medieval adventure!

Knight themed party invitations {DIY Scrolls}

We started with some basic white card stock paper.  Nicholas helped me tear the edges to add to the look of old parchment paper.

Torn paper for making old scroll party invitations

Next we filled a baking tray with some tea and let the paper soak in the tea for an hour or so.

Tea staining paper to look old

We removed the paper and set it out to dry while we worked on the wording for the invitation.  We used the manual feed on the printer to send our paper through.  Then I used a Distressing Stain used in scrapbooking to darken the edges.  Another way to achieve this same look it to carefully burn the edges of the paper but I knew I'd end up with at least a few burned fingertips so we did it the easy way.

Distressing edges of paper to look old

Next we found some dowels and dowel caps at Hobby Lobby.  Nicholas helped me paint them all gold.

Once they were painted, I used my hot glue gun to attach the dowel caps to the dowels.  Ah, the scroll foundation is starting to come together!

Then I used the hot glue gun to attach the printed invitations to the scrolls.

Nicholas wanted them sealed with a wax seal but I convinced him to go with an elastic band.  Then he decided it needed to have tassels.  Back to Hobby Lobby where we found a spool of red elastic and some red tassels.  

I cut a piece of elastic and glued it together in a circle band.  Then I simple tied the tassel to the elastic band.  They slip on and off the scrolls perfectly!

I picked up some small mailing tubes and we mailed the invitations off to friends.

Knights party invitation

The invitations were perfect for Nicholas' Medieval Times birthday party!


  1. Love the invitations, what a brilliant idea for the Distress Stain, wich is the width for the dowel sticks?

  2. Great invitations, what great ideas you have. Wich width you used for the dowels?

  3. This is a great tutorial!!! How much approximately did the entire project cost?