Happy Easter 2014

Happy Easter!

The Easter Bunny always hides a filled basket for each child downstairs.  But they can't go looking for the baskets until Mommy and Daddy are up.  Here they are running down the stairs to start their hunt this morning.  So exciting!

Nicholas climbed over all the furniture still piled in the playroom from the flood.  He was sure that his basket would be hiding behind the curtain in the playroom.  Apparently the Easter Bunny has hidden it there more than once.  But alas, it wasn't there.  

Our whole downstairs is still a mess from the flood so it was harder for them to tell if something looked a little different.  But Nicholas found his basket under a blanket by the fireplace.

Rachel had a harder time finding hers and even Nicholas tried to help her.  She finally found it on the shelf under the kitchen island.  She was so happy!

The Easter Bunny didn't seem to have as much in the kids' baskets as usual but sometimes even the Easter Bunny can get tired and distracted.

Both Nicholas and Rachel found little plush bunnies in their baskets.  We seem to have a lot of contact with baby bunnies these days so it was perfect timing.

Rachel keeps putting her bunny on her shoulder.  Does she think it's a parrot?

After munching on some candy, we settled down for some Eggs Benedict.  This used to be my children's favorite breakfast but now Nicholas said it has dropped to second place.  Now his favorite is breakfast burritos (which we made yesterday).

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