Celebrating Big 10 at Medieval Times

I can't believe my baby boy is 10 years old!  He decided to have his party at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.  Before the event, we met up with friends at a local park.  We provided foam swords for their own sword fights then enjoyed some yummy cupcakes.

Birthday boy with foam sword

Rachel managed to end up with two swords and used her dress as a sheath to hold them.

After playtime at the park, we packed the van full of boys and headed to the Dallas Castle.  Stuart and Rachel followed along in the truck.

Party time! We are ready for some jousting!

It was great having such good friends share in Nicholas' special day.  He only invited his closest friends, one of which he has known since he was about 2 years old.

Kids having fun at Medieval Times in Dallas

Of course the food was amazing!  Chicken, ribs, potato.  No utensils needed....just lots of napkins!

Delicious food at Medieval Times

Let the games begin!

Amazing Knights at Medieval Knights

There is a great story line to the show complete with the king, princess, chivalry, good guys and bad guys.

Bad guy at Medieval Times

We were cheering for the red knight.  He had thrown 2 flowers to Rachel.  One of the boys asked to see one of the flowers and Rachel was more than a little upset at how it was returned to her.  Ah, boys will be boys!

Girl upset over broken flower

But our knight was her hero and she ended up catching another flower from him to make it three for the night!  You go girl!

Knight throwing flowers to little girl at Medieval Times

What a cool group of knights!  

Boys and Red Knight at Medieval Times

As always, we had a great time at Medieval Times.  We brought everyone back to the house where the sword fights continued until the boys' parents picked them up.  What a fun way to share your birthday with your bestest buddies.

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