I Won 2 Prizes This Week!

I had a fun week which included winning two prizes!  Prizes are always fun, right?

First I won a $25 gift card to Pottery Barn from Beth at Unskinny Boppy!  She has a great website with home decorating ideas and but I particularly love her DIY projects that look amazing but don't cost a fortune to make.

I found two great projects on her website that I want to make for the kids.  Nicholas loves the game Minecraft and Beth has this cute printable for making Minecraft magnets.  And I know Rachel would be giddy over this Fairy Garden project!  Ok, yes Mommy just wants the Fairy Garden herself.  But who wouldn't?  Isn't it adorable??

I LOVE Pottery Barn for home decor but I can't decide what to get with my $25 gift card.  I was really hoping to find some new placemats in aqua/turquoise (my new favorite color!).  They have some great napkins that I like but just not placemats to go with them.

They have a lot of cute products to help organize your home so I imagine I will probably get something like that.  But for now I'm just having fun browsing their website.

The other prize I won is a little flu prevention kit from the Mom Bloggers Club Network. The contest asked for a description of your child's favorite comfort food with a picture to go with it.

I submitted this picture of Rachel when she was younger.

And submitted the following description:
My daughter’s favorite comfort food is yogurt.  She loves to lick the lid when we first open it.  But when she has licked it clean, she doesn’t just grab a spoon and eat the yogurt in the container.  Nope.  She uses to spoon to refill the glob of yogurt on the lid which she then licks clean again.  It takes her f-o-r-e-v-e-r to eat one container of yogurt if I let her (and she gets quite messy while she’s at it too!).
She's a mess!  I'm glad the prize pack includes some hand cleaner!  I can always use that!

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