Happy Birthday!

Today is Stuart's birthday!  He's turning 25 years old :)

The kids could barely stand waiting for him to get home this afternoon.  They hung out at our upstairs window watching for him to drive up the road.

As soon as they saw his truck they raced outside to greet him.  As they were coming back inside, they noticed a little baby bunny huddled up by our garage door.  

We have lots of bunnies around our neighborhood so it isn't unusual to see one every day in our yard but we've never seen a baby bunny.  We were all concerned because it is freezing tonight and we worried about him getting too cold.  We set up a box with a blanket in it so he could hop into it if he wanted.  Eventually he hopped away and scuttled off to the back yard.  As much as the kids wanted to keep him for a pet, it is best to leave him alone because the mom will come back and make a call to get him to follow her home.  Besides, they seem to have made a home under our back deck so we know he'll be fine now that he's in the back yard.

Earlier today, we went to Party City about got tons of helium balloons to surprise Stuart.  We just let them go in the living room.  The kids loved batting all the balloons around.  They also wrote messages on the balloons with Sharpies.  Rachel wrote "R {heart} D" on many of them. 

And smiley faces!

Nicholas wrote longer messages on his balloons.  The kids love to call us "the best parents in the whole entire universe" when they tell us goodnight.  Lately they have started trying to outdo that by calling us "Better than the best".  So Nicholas wrote a balloon message that says, "the better than the best dad in the universe is the birthday dad".

We had childcare lined up so Stuart and I went out for a birthday celebration. We went to dinner and a movie at the Grapevine AMC Fork and Screen.  They have a really good menu and you get to eat dinner while watching the movie.  It was great!

Afterwards, we came back home and sang "Happy Birthday" to Stuart and enjoyed some Chocolate Turtle bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  Yum!

Stuart got some RC tricopter stuff and a hydroponic AeroGarden for his birthday but unfortunately it was all mail ordered and nothing had arrived in time for him to open them.  But that's ok.  It just helps to stretch out the birthday fun for a few more days.

Then there was a little bit of birthday snuggling before the kids headed up for bed.

Happy Birthday to the "better than the best" Daddy and Husband in the whole entire universe!  We love you!

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