Raingutter Regatta

We've never participated in a Raingutter Regatta before but our C3D group was holding its first annual competition and Nicholas was excited to try it out.

He worked with his dad to come up with some designs.  I'm sure there were some videos they found on YouTube - because you can learn how to do anything from YouTube right?

We gathered for the race and everyone put their boats out on the table.

Nicholas' boat was made in a catamaran style with foam and popsicle sticks.  He was number 31.

The boys race 2 at a time.  They put their boats in a sealed raingutter that is full of water  They can only use a straw to propel the boats down the raingutter with their breath. The first to reach the end of the gutter wins.

I don't have the exact time for the first race but Nicholas won with somewhere between 7 and 8 seconds.

Each person raced 2 times against different people.  Both the C3D boys and the American Heritage Girls competed together.

Nicholas won both of his races, hands down.

Nicholas had the overall fastest time of the night with his second race at 7.04 seconds!

The boys have been reading an amazing book called Quest for the Keys which teaches character development to young people through an exciting adventure story. The boys were very lucky to have the author, Scotty Sanders, come to our meeting to meet the boys.

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