From Park Day to Parkas

Yesterday it was 80 degrees and gorgeous! We spend hours at the park with a great group of homeschool friends. Nicholas brought his swords and nerf guns to have battles with the other boys in the open field while Rachel brought two baby dolls and played Mommy with the other little girls on the playground.

The kids also held a craft fair/bake sale where kids could make items to sell. They all set up on some picnic tables under the big tree.

I actually forgot to tell my kids about it (*bad mom*) so they didn't have anything to sell...but that didn't stop them by buying a few things. I only had a $5 bill but they got a popsicle stick crossbow, popsicle stick sling shot, a Christmas ornament, a brownie, and a cupcake. My kids had fun looking at all of the creative things kids brought.

But today the high will be only 37 degrees with rain, ice, and wind to only make things worse. Here's a picture from the National Weather Service. 


This weather should continue through the weekend with the wintery mix slowing down Sunday. I don't like being out in icy weather but Rachel's Nutcracker performance is Saturday so we will at least venture out for a little fun. But other than that I plan to stay warm and snuggly indoors and stay off the road as much as possible.

I did find a neat website today that helps you learn about the road conditions in your area before you venture out in it. 

Check out the Drive Texas website by TxDOT.   It is pretty cool. You can find snowy conditions as well as construction and even incidents that you might want to avoid. Click on Traffic and you can see color coded traffic conditions that may help you know if you need to plan an alternate route. You can also find out where rest stops and travel information centers are located in the state. I love finding cool resources like this!

A friend just posted this on Facebook...HA!

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