Last Swim Class for the Semester

Today was the last class for the kids' swimming lessons for the semester.  They are taking lessons at Aqua Kids and they absolutely love it.  The teachers are really great and my kids have always learned quickly here.  They follow a set curriculum so there is consistency with what is taught between the instructors and between different class levels.  The classes are only 30 minutes per week but I'm always amazed at how much my kids pick up in that short class time.  Parents get to watch through giant glass windows.  The kids learn techniques and practice swimming for about 20 minutes then they get to go down the water slides twice.  Then the parents are invited out by the pool for "parent show off" where they watch their child do what they learned in class that day.  

For the last day of class, they usually do a few more fun things.  Today they played around with balancing on a big floating board.

Nicholas swims about 15-20 laps per class and his instructor is working on refining his technique for the different strokes.  Here is a video of him swimming freestyle and back stroke.  Sorry I didn't zoom in as he swam farther away.  I was too busy watching him to pay attention to what I was doing with the camera :)

Rachel has made amazing progress in just these last few months.  She started in Preschool 1 and had not been in a pool without her floaties on.  Most kids stay in the same class all semester but she had to be moved to a Preschool 2 class mid-semester because she just takes to swimming like a little fish.  She will be in Preschool 3 for her next class.

Sorry I only caught the end of Rachel's swimming in this video below:
I hope to sign them both up for the next level of classes next semester.  But if not, we may sit out a semester and just take a 2 week camp there during the summer.

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