Letting Go of Books

During the Icepocalypse earlier this month, we were stuck in the house for many days.  We took advantage of that time and worked with the kids on cleaning out their rooms.  

One of the things that takes up the most space in Nicholas' room are his books.  He has multiple bookshelves that are overflowing with books.  He loves them all and has a hard time letting any of them go, even after he has long ago outgrown them.  But we were able to convince him to donate small stack to the library and a larger stack of a little over 100 books to Rachel.

It is much easier for him to pass them down to Rachel because he knows he can still read them anytime he wants to.  The only problem now is figuring out where to fit these on Rachel's bookshelves, which as you can imagine, already have hundreds of books.

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