Community Bible Study: Children's Christmas Program

I am really enjoying our Community Bible Study (CBS) classes this year.  We are studying the book of John and I'm learning so much.  They offer a complete homeschool Bible study class for kids infants through high school.  Starting in 1st grade the children study the same scripture as the mom classes.  So Nicholas and I read the Bible together and discuss the scriptures as he works on his homework for the week.  I do my homework on my own since there are a lot more questions that are also more in-depth for the moms than for the children.  Nicholas is good about following the schedule and working on a section of his homework but I kind of wait and do it all the night before our next class!

Today we had CBS.  Rachel brought along "Big Baby" that my mom gave her for Christmas last year.  She has also started calling this doll "Rachel" but I'm just used to calling it Big Baby (plus that is less confusing!).  Anyway, Rachel got upset when I wouldn't let her bring Big Baby into class.  I told her that the baby was tired and needed to just take a nap in the car.  Rachel insisted on buckling her into the car seat "because she might wiggle out of the seat and fall down".

Each year the children put on a Christmas program for the moms.  Rachel is in the preschool class but you can see how she towers over everyone else.  It doesn't help that they put her on the top step when they were placing the kids in rows.  She may look older but she's still just 5 like many of the kids in her class.  And of course, they all have the attention span of a gnat!  Check out the video:

And here is a video of the rest of the performance where Rachel is totally distracted by her newly discovered ability to snap her fingers.  Then she sees big brother Nicholas line up by the stage with his class and all hope for actually participating in this performance is lost!

Nicholas' class did a short performance of the Nativity scene.  He was a wise man.  The teens group was going up after them and needed all several tables on stage but I wish they would set them up after the Nativity scene performance because they were kind of in the way a few times.  The class actually wrote the play, came up with costumes, etc all on their own.  Check out the video:

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