Lunch at Walk Ons

We drove into Baton Rouge last night and went straight to Stuart's parents' house to crash.  Today we got to spend some time with my family.  I love seeing my kids have fun with their grandparents.  It just melts my heart!

We ended up going out for lunch at Walk-Ons Bistreaux and Bar.  One thing you can count on in Louisiana is good food.  I mean, where else could you get Krispy Kreme bread pudding?

Mom and Rachel spent some time together working on the coloring pages.  My mom is such a good artist.  She taught me to draw and color well.  I wish we could spend more time with our parents so our children could learn more from their grandparents.

We ordered an appetizer of fried alligator.  Everyone had some but Rachel ended up eating most of them!  Yum!

Dad was acting like a parent and kept reminding the kids (and the adults!) to move their drinks or plates away from the edge of the table.  Steve chuckled about it and put his drink and mine right on the edge of the table just to mess with him.  We love you Dad!

Nicholas had a burger but decided that he didn't like the bun it was on so he wasn't going to finish eating it.  Cool Uncle Steve showed him how to make his burger even better by replacing the boring bun with criss-cross french fries.  It's a fry burger!

Rachel brought Bitty Baby over to mom for her to hold.   I really love watching Mom play with Rachel.  

Sweet memories!

Mom is still recovering from her hip replacement but she is doing amazingly well considering she had the surgery just about 6 weeks ago.  She gets around fine with a walker and Rachel is always right there to help get her walker for her or help steady her as she walks.  She is such a natural nurturer.

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