Visiting with Granddad

I love just sitting around talking with my Dad. It's kind of hard for me to have much of a real conversation with him with the kids around because they want all of his attention. And that's ok too because I love watching them together.

Rachel was acting silly and giggly and wouldn't just look at me to take a picture.  Granddad copied her and then of course she straightened up and looked at me.  It made for a cute picture of Granddad though :)

The TV was on while we were visiting and Rachel had a piece of Trident gum.  She noticed a rectangle on the screen, put her piece of gum in it and said they were the same!

We usually go out for some good Cajun food when we hang out with Dad and we can usually get my brother to come along too.  The kids love their Uncle Steve.

I love this guy too - scruffy and all.

Hugs all around.  Nicholas really likes Uncle Steve and thinks he is cool.  I love that Steve acts like a big kid around Nicholas and that they can have fun just playing together.

All the visiting and eating can wear a little girl out.  There are always lots of quick naps in the car while we run from one place to the other in Baton Rouge.

Oh, one of the treats the kids always like at Granddad's is watermelon!  Sweet and messy, just the way they like it.

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