Playing in the Rain

If there is one thing you can count on in Baton Rouge is a little surprise rain shower. 

Of course, kids are attracted to water so the next thing we knew they were all completely drenched....and having the time of their lives!

There is a bit of a crater in their grandparents' driveway so this made for an awesome little pond for them to jump in.

They found pieces of styrofoam to float in the water and use as scoopers.

Scoopers then became vehicles for throwing water at each other!

Then as the rain drops stopped falling, they decided to "wash" Uncle Steve C.'s car with some wash cloths they found.

They scooped up the dirty ground water to re-wet the car.  Sorry Steve!

They were all working very hard and so proud of the job they were doing.  They also decided that they should ask Steve to pay them $50.00 for it.

It was fun watching Rachel who was very meticulous about the way she folded her washcloth.

She had so much fun!

Alyssa came out for a while and Aunt Donna let Rachel push her around in the wheelchair.  Rachel loves spending time with Alyssa and she is very proud when she gets to do things to help Alyssa.

Back to the giant puddle, Rachel found an empty water bottle and started scooping up water from the driveway.

She thought it was cool to look at all the dirt floating in it.

The kids then devised a way to try to filter out the water by letting it flow through a wash cloth over another container.  I love watching Discovery Learning in action!

The kids were wet but they weren't clean.  They had bits of leaves and dirt stuck to their wet clothes.  Grandmother tried her best to hose them off but they were awfully wiggly!

I absolutely love this picture of the cousins sitting together.  I'm just sad that Alyssa wasn't outside when I took it.

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