Stopping in Shreveport

We drive through Shreveport on our way to Baton Rouge but we rarely stop to visit with my uncle and his family. It's already a long day with the 9+ hour drive. A stop to visit family can add several more hours to the day making the kids really cranky before we get close to our destination.

However, I really miss seeing this part of my family so I called and made plans to stop by on our way through. I was sad to learn that my aunt was in the hospital but I felt even more like we were supposed to take the time for this visit.

My uncle is so wonderful at guiding us with directions. We found the hospital and he was waiting outside to greet us and walk us to my aunt's room.

We had a nice visit and I loved watching Nicholas and my uncle chatting.

They talked about all sorts of things even scouting!

Rachel, on the other hand, was not as sociable.  She was nervous and shy around family that she wasn't familiar with.  She spent a lot of time just clinging to Stuart.

I loved catching up with my cousin.  I have fun memories with her as a child.

I tried to get a picture of my cousin with the kids but Rachel could barely be coaxed over to the couch where we were sitting.

Three generations of the Owen family together.

Eventually my cousin was able to warm Rachel up enough to get a quick hug before we left!

We had a wonderful visit but my aunt needed to go have a test run and we needed to get back on the road.  It was so nice spending time with my family.

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