Staying at the Grandparents' House

We stay at Stuart's parents' house when we go to Baton Rouge.  The kids love spending so much time with their grandparents but I know his mom goes out of her way to make sure everything is just perfect before we arrive.  She shampoos the carpet, turns her office into a guest bedroom for Nicholas, and makes everything so welcoming for us.

She loves to read to the children at bedtime.  She does all the silly sounds and voices that bring a story to life.

She plays with the kids.  We especially love that she plays with the kids when they get up in the morning so we actually get to sleep in a little.  Wow what a treat!  Thank you, Grandmother!

Here is Grandmother's office...with a twin bed in the middle of it.  I'm not sure where she stores this bed when we aren't there but Nicholas loves having "his bed" set up for him when we arrive.

I couldn't help but take pictures of him but he started waking up and making a grumbly face at me :)

Rachel has slept in the room with us and one time she slept in a toddler bed that was set in Grandfather's office.  But this time she insisted on sleeping in "Nicholas' room" so we put a mattress on the floor and they had a little slumber party in there.  She rolls around a lot in her sleep and was half way of the mattress my morning!

There is always wonderful food.  It helps a little that Grandfather works at a bakery and brings home gigantic Texas-sized cinnamon rolls for us to have at breakfast.

I'm always amazed at Grandmother's patience with our kids.  Nicholas found a little gecko and decided to keep him for a pet.  He put him in a box and even put toys in it for the gecko to climb on.  Grandmother didn't complain although I'm sure she wasn't excited about the extra visitor staying in her house!

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