Taking Flight with Granddad

Dad offered to take us up for a plane ride.  What a cool opportunity!  But there wasn't room for all of us to go up and I don't really like flying in little passenger planes so I offered to sit this one out.  Instead Rachel and I would go hit some antique shops in Denham Springs.

We dropped the boys off at Grandad's house.  Nicholas was excited just trying on the headset.  I think he wore them for the whole drive to the airport. 

I had to get a picture of my three favorite guys in the world.  Have fun!

Stuart took the camera along to get pictures for me.  This is the plane Dad rented for their ride. 

Grandad took Nicholas around the plane with him as they checked it out. 


Here are a few videos Stuart got of their flight.  If you are reading this in the email update then you'll have to click over to the actual blog to see these.

A touch and go

I was really excited that Nicholas got to do this with Grandad. It was a neat experience for him but it was also cool that we just finished up studying about the history of flight and how planes work back in the Spring as part of our Konos study of Trust.

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