Two Favorite Places in Baton Rouge

Grandmother C. is in librarian training at the Goodwood branch of the EBR library. We stopped by to visit her and let the kids see her at work.

This library is just down the street from my parents' house and I spent a lot of time here when I was growing up. I didn't expect to have such a flood of memories but when I walked up to the front door I felt like a kid again.

I remember the book drop, the checkout area, the bathrooms. I remember where the children's section used to be and where they used to have the big card catalog files. It was all so familiar and comforting to me. Sadly, they have outgrown their space and will be tearing down this building soon because they are getting a bigger building. I had to grab a few more quick pictures as we left. Yes, they were very quick pictures. I'm not sure why I didn't at least get out of the car!

One of our most favorite places to go when we are in Baton Rouge is Jerry Lee's Kwik Shop.

You know you're a cajun if the sight of this pan of boudin makes you drool!  We've tried boudin from all over the state of Louisiana and nothing compares to Jerry Lee's!

They also have other Cajun delights.  You don't really want to know what's in these but trust me, if you close your eyes and just take a bite, your mouth will do a little happy dance.

Yes, fried pork skins.  It's a Southern thing!

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