Special Guest Reader at Naptime

Nicholas is such a sweet big brother. He is very protective of Rachel. He loves to teach her new things and he enjoys helping take care of her.

Recently he has started reading to her and even trying to teach her to read. She's a bit too young to start reading but the more she's exposed to books and reading, the more she will love and appreciate books as she gets older.

I must admit that I especially like that Nicholas enjoys reading to Rachel at naptime. We usually read to the kids about 20 minutes or so before they go to sleep, whether it is naptime or bedtime. It's makes for a relaxing bedtime routine for them and special snuggle time for Stuart and me. But sometimes on hectic days when I'm trying to get 3 things done at once and it's creeping up on the little girl's naptime, it is such a relief that Nicholas jumps at the chance to take care of reading time for me.

He uses a sweet soft voice as he reads to her and Rachel seems to enjoy the special time with her big brother.

And it actually seems to help relax her and make her sleepy.


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