Sad to Say Good-bye

With Christmas behind us, south Louisiana gets in high gear making final preparations for Mardi Gras. And with that comes the King Cake. I drool on the blog about these every year so suffice it to say that I was excited when Stuart's dad brought a king cake home from the bakery for us to enjoy before we have to leave.

Oh, I'm going to miss that good Louisiana cookin'!

Speaking of Louisiana cooking, I just have to share this sign we saw outside of a church in Baton Rouge. Only in Louisiana would you get free gumbo for going to church!

Of course, we're going to miss our family and friends too.

But I doubt that Grandmother will miss having to clean the walls after Rachel decorated them for her!

Thank goodness Grandmother had washable markers so the ink came right off!

We stayed in Baton Rouge for a week and although I'm ready to be back home, I'm always sad when it's time to leave. I had a great time with friends and family and it's hard to say good-bye.

At least we have new Pillow Pet friends to keep us company on the trip back home. Nicholas loves his and he named it Rocko :)

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