Fascinating Chemistry {Review}

The Home School Review Crew has been reviewing several different online courses from Fascinating Education.  The courses are intended for high school but middle school students who are strong in math skills can do well in these courses too.  They offered us three courses to choose from: Fascinating Chemistry, Fascinating Biology, and Fascinating Physics.  They recommend taking their courses in that specific order so I chose Fascinating Chemistry.  

Fascinating Chemistry

The course was created by Dr. Sheldon Margulies, a retired neurologist and professor at several impressive medical schools.  He has also published three educational textbooks.  As you look through the Fascinating Education website, you will see that Dr. Margulies has a passion for science that he is excited to share with others.  He has created these courses with moving slides and audio presentations together to help ignite "right brain" learning, making the educational experience more complete than simple reading a text book.

The Fascinating Chemistry course is taught over 18 lessons.  During the lesson, Dr. Margulies stops and asks questions for the student to think about and there is always a review of the material that has already been covered.  There is also a printable transcript of the lesson if your student wanted to just print it and read it.  However, those are simply not as interesting as watching the presentations.

You can view the complete course outline for Fascinating Chemistry and even try a sample lesson HERE.

There are chemistry labs in most of the lessons.  They typically use basic household items but there are some chemicals and other supplies that you will probably need to purchase.  As with any science experiment, students are encouraged to use safety gear like eye protection and adult supervision is required.  

Each lesson has an online test which is automatically graded and the student can review his results to see what he missed.  There are also printable tests and answer keys if you want to administer the test to your student on your own.

Fascinating Chemistry does not retain the test scores so if you want to keep a copy for your records then be sure to review the quiz results and print them right away.  It does mention this on the website but I did not remember that until I went back later and couldn't find Nicholas' earlier test results that I had not recorded.

Other members of the Home School Review Crew have tried Fascinating Chemistry as well as other products such as Fascinating Biology and Fascinating Physics.  If you would like to read reviews from crew members on any of these products, please click on the banner below:

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