Sunset Point on the Lakeside Boardwalk

We enjoyed a movie with friends today at Moviehouse and Eatery.  Rachel dressed up for the movie and even added a tiara....because everyone seeing Despicable Me 3 needs a tiara.

Since we were already in the Lakeside area of Flower Mound, I wanted to go check out Sunset Point, a beautiful new 6,000 square foot deck that overlooks Grapevine Lake.  The entrance is at the intersection of Edgemere Rd. and Loma Alta Dr.

Sunset Point is part of the Lakeside Boardwalk and overlooks part of the Northshore Trail.

There is a short walk to Sunset Point.  We walked over this short boardwalk bridge.

The rest of the way was regular concrete but you could see parts of the Northshore Trail running along beside it.

You will definitely know when you have arrived at Sunset Point.  The trail leads you to this beautiful deck.  About half of it is covered with shade trees.

The other half is full sun but overlooks the lake.

It was a beautiful day to just hang out and watch the sailboats on the water.

There is seating all around the deck area.  I can see that this would be a fun place to come for a family picnic in the evenings or even meet up for homeschool activities with friends.

We saw some beautiful bits of nature along the way.  The yellow flowers were along the concrete part of the path leading to Sunset Point.  I found out later that they are called Partridge Pea.  They are really unique looking.  The flowers only grow on one side of the stem and they grow stacked up in a row.  Of course a roly poly was found and had to be picked up.

Sunset Point is the perfect spot to just enjoy the lake and the natural beauty of Flower Mound.

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