Make Kids Crafts Fun with Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit {Review}

We love making crafts in our home.  We make crafts for fun and we use them regularly during our homeschool studies to bring what we've learned to life.  Here's my take on crafts and homeschool: You can simply read a book about the Spartans and move on or you can read about them, build your own Spartan helmet and sword, and then have pretend Spartan battles with your friends.  Which way do you think children will remember more about their studies of Sparta?

Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit

I saw that the Homeschool Review Crew had an opportunity to review the Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit by ACTIVA Products.  I'm always trying to learn new ways to craft so I was excited to sign up for this review.  We've now had a chance to play around with with both products and they are amazing!  I can't wait to tell you more about them.

First, I downloaded the FREE eBook of ACTÍVA's Favorite Sculpture Kids Crafts.  It contains 12 simple projects to make with Rigid Wrap and CelluClay.  Then our kit arrived in the mail!  Included in the box is 2 rolls of Rigid Wrap, 1 bag of CelluClay, and a project sheet.

We started with the Rigid Wrap.  I wasn't sure what to expect because I had never of this product before. The packaging says it is plaster cloth and you can create amazing shapes in under 30 minutes.  Sounds great!

The kit came with 2 rolls of Rigid Wrap.  Each roll is 4 inches wide and 5 yards long.  Rigid Wrap is like having paper mache embedded in a roll of gauze but it is dry and ready to use.  It is really an interesting concept.

We cut strips of Rigid Wrap ahead of time.  To activate it, simply dunk it in water then rub it with your fingers until it is soft and creamy white.

Rachel wanted to make a bowl so I used plastic wrap to cover and protect one of our dinner bowls and she used that as her mold.  She just wrapped the strips of wet Rigid Wrap over the bowl and smoothed them out.

Once she had covered the inside and outside of the bowl, she set it aside to dry.

Next Rachel wanted to use the Rigid Wrap to make her own beads.  There are instructions for making several different shaped beads but the concept is pretty much the same.

To make the beads, you use a narrow strip of activated Rigid Wrap and fold it in half lengthwise.  Next you wrap the strip around a drinking straw and let it dry.  Rachel had fun making these!

Once they were dry, we got out the paints.  Rachel painted two Rigid Wrap bowls and lots of beads.

She had fun making and painting the beads. She said she was going to make a necklace and a charm bracelet with them. 

Rigid Wrap is a neat product.  It is like using paper mache but you don't have to measure out the mixture and it is actually much neater than regular paper mache.  

Next we got out the CelluClay to play with.  The kit comes with an 8 ounce bag and it is like instant paper mache.  The picture on the left is the dry CelluClay and the picture on the right is CelluClay activated with water.  

Rachel used the CelluClay to make some little polka dots for her Rigid Wrap bowl.  She just molded them in her hands and then pressed them on the bowl.

Once it was all dry, she painted it with a rainbow theme!

Next Rachel wanted to use cookie cutters as a mold for the CelluClay.  She placed a cookie cutter on the table and then pressed the CelluClay into the shapes to form a thin layer.  For the heart, she used a wooden skewer to press into it to make a hole for threading.  Once they were dry, she just removed the cookie cutters and she had some cute shapes.

CelluClay is a little like used clay to mold and shape creations but it dries very quickly and the finished products are not heavy like clay.  Rachel used the Rigid Wrap beads with the CelluClay heart to make this pretty necklace for me.  It is a very lightweight necklace. I would not have wanted to wear this if it had been made out of heavy clay.

She also decided to add some bling to some of the other cookie cutters creations.

Since it is summer and we are not working on school, we just experimented and had some fun with Rigid Wrap and CelluClay.  However, once we get back into our homeschool routine, I definitely plan to use these two products in our school activities.  They are perfect for projects in which you might usually use paper mache or clay but they are neater, dry very quickly, and lighter.  Two projects I'm already thinking of is to make models of different Native American homes as we study Indians on the frontier as well as forming electrons to make models of atoms and molecules for chemistry.  I can also see this will be great to use at the kids' theater when I need to make a prop for a play.  We really love these two products and highly recommend them.  

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Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit {ACTÍVA Products Reviews}

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