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Nicholas hates to write.  I don't mean writing as in composition for creative writing or writing poetry .  I mean that he hates the actual physical act of writing. It's like his pencil was coated in acid and he might die if he has to write one entire paragraph.  

I have often thought that maybe he could learn how to type to take some of the stress out of his composition assignments and research papers. I remember taking a typing course in high school and it made life a little easier for me.  Plus it was just such a great skill to have mastered. So to say that I was more than happy to let him take The Typing Coach Online Typing Course when the Homeschool Review Crew offered it to me would be an understatement.  The Typing Coach is an experienced typing instructor who has created this course to help students and adults learn to type efficiently without looking at the keys or the monitor.  and to reach 10+ words per minute by the end of the class.  Additional practice will increase that speed over time.

The Typing Coach

The course begins with some basic instructions about proper posture and hand placement.  Some lessons have a video component but most of the lessons involve audio teaching with Nicholas typing letters and numbers as the instructor tells him to.  There is also practice time using printed materials and your word processing program.  Finally there is an online testing component that times and scores errors so Nicholas can see his progress.  When he has completed a test, Nicholas can enter my email address and the course will send me an email with his test results so I can easily track how well he is doing.

Nicholas has completed one lesson a week for ten weeks with some practice days in between.  The lessons are self-paced so he could move through them more quickly or slowly depending on his needs.  He has moved through the course at a steady pace and he has enjoyed completing them each week.  He is excited to be able to say, "I can type without looking at the keys!". 

The Typing Coach Online Typing Course was easy for my 13 year old son to use but this course isn't just geared towards kids.  Adults will enjoy it too.  Some online typing courses teach by having the students go through silly games.  But The Typing Coach provides professional lessons that teach typing in an easy and efficient way.  

There are a few lessons on The Typing Coach website that you can try for free if you'd like to "try it before you buy it". The course costs only $17 for access for one person for an entire year.  What a great deal for a course that will provide a lifelong skill for students and adults!
The Typing Coach

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