Learning All About Chickens

Since we have a rare opportunity to watch baby chicks hatch from eggs, I couldn't let the chance go by and not teach a mini-lesson on chickens!

We created a presentation board with all of the information that we learned.  I found a free Egg Hatching and Chick Observation record online and we used a lot of pieces from there to make the board.  We learned some basic Chicken Vocabulary.

We saw a graphic of what the baby chick looks like inside the egg.

We learned about the life cycle of chickens.

I found a great informational blog post at Fluffy Bottoms Farm about hatching chickens and used this graphic for Chick Embryo Development.

I love the hypothesis and observation cards.  The kids each made their predictions about how many chicks would hatch and how many boys vs. girls we would have.  This is going to be fun!

I also found these great Chicken Nomenclature cards at the Montessori Print Shop.  I downloaded them, printed and laminated them, and put them on a ring.

The cards highlight the body part they are learning.  

This is all that we have done so far but there are a lot of other great resources online for learning about chickens.  Here are just a few:

Chicken Life Cycle Posters
Chicken Life Cycle Flip Book
Day to Day Chicken Egg Development
Chicken Lap Book

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