More Baby Chick Pictures (because they are just too cute!)

I started writing this post about a month ago and I just realized that it never published.  I have a few others that are started and not finished.  But for now these pictures are too cute not to share!

We are loving our baby chicks!  We had our first chick hatch on Tuesday.  We named him Nuggets.  On Wednesday morning we had two cute blonde chicks hatch.  We named them Barbeque and Rotisserie.  This is Rotisserie.

The chicks need a lot of warmth when they are first born and they seem to love being cradled in our hands.

Barbeque fell asleep in Rachel's hands.

Rachel insists that Barbeque is a female because she is just too cute to be a boy.

Nicholas is in love with Nuggets.  They are almost inseparable.

The kids tried to get their school work done but they were too distracted by the baby chicks so we gave up on it for this morning.  They will only be fluff balls for a short time so I let them just play.  The first three chicks that hatched seem to be the favorites and they all have names.

But more of them joined us at the table.  Here Rachel is trying to call a chick to come to her!

Nicholas assigned a small toy hockey helmet to be Nugget's personal transportation pod.  He puts Nuggets in this whenever he is going to shuttle him somewhere.

It is supposedly easier to identify male and female chicks if you look at their wing feathers within the first 24 hours of hatching.  We haven't quite figured it all out yet but we think Nuggets might be a female.  Nicholas hopes that it is a female because IF we keep them beyond the chick phase, we will only keep 4 and they will have to be hens.  No roosters are allowed on our size lot because the neighbors are too close.

Here is our little brood.  We are keeping them in a cardboard box with a desk lamp shining on them for heat. 

We play with them most of the day.  It is hard to get anything else done when these cuties are right there and their little chirps are just so cute!

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