Happy Birthday Rachel!

Our baby girl is 6 years old today!  It seems like just yesterday she was this little bundle of love and giggles!

While she slept last night, we covered her bedroom floor with pink balloons and fake flower petals.  (She kind of told us she wanted that.  Do it one year and they expect you to repeat it or outdo it every year that follows!)

When she woke up, she ran to our room begging to open presents.  She first opened her Unicorn Ball Pet which she loves!

Next she dove into a whole bag full of Disney's "Frozen" themed stuff including an Elsa doll, Anna doll, Frozen book, and Frozen headphones.

Nicholas used his own money to buy bubble gum for Rachel.

I had an appointment early this morning so we had to cut short the present opening.  That was hard for this little girl but she was happy at the decorations she found at the breakfast table.

We wanted Rachel to wait until Daddy got home to open the rest of her presents.  Fortunately it was a busy day so it was easy to keep her mind off of it.  But by the afternoon, she was constantly asking, "When is Daddy coming home?" , "What time is it?" ,"Is Daddy almost home?".  It was torture...for her and me!

Stuart had hardly made it in the door when Rachel started ripping into the rest of her presents.

She is feeling quiite sassy with her new Hello Kitty purse.

And the new Razor scooter that lights up is definitely a big hit!

She has been asking for Chloe, a dog she saw at the Animal Adoption Center, for her birthday.  But instead of something that eats and poops, we got her this toy butterfly that flaps its wings.  She can take it out of its habitat and hold it in her hands.  It flaps its wings in different patterns depending on whether it is lonely, content, or joyful.

She had a ball opening present after present.

She finally got to one of her favorite gifts, a Rainbow Loom.  I found tons of different colored bands at JoAnns craft store to get her started.

With the living room covered in wrapping paper, we headed out for dinner at Chuck E. Cheese. 

The pizza was surprisingly good but we all know the real reason one goes to Chuck E. Cheese - to play the games!  So off we went...

The boys could often be found playing racing or battle games together.

Rachel was just interested in playing games that would spit out tickets she could use for prizes.  She collected a ton of tickets!

We don't go to Chuck E. Cheese very often but we had a really good time together as a family.

When all of the game tokens were spent, we went home for birthday cake.  I dropped the ball and forgot to order a really nicely decorated cake for her so we took what we could find at Kroger at 5:00 this afternoon!

She didn't mind.  She got to pick out a white cake with chocolate icing.

But it really didn't matter since she was only interested in eating spoonfuls of the icing.  You don't see any cake on that spoon, do you?

Yep, she scraped it clean without eating a single bite of actual cake!

Happy 6th Birthday Rachel!  We love you so much!

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