American Heritage Girls: Love God

Rachel received a white rose tonight for starting her first year in American Heritage Girls

She is 6 years old so she is in the Pathfinder program.  Melissa and I are Pathfinder co-leaders (although Melissa does most of it and plans amazing activities).

Melissa gave Rachel a birthday present.  A pink frog from the movie Rio.  As you can see, Rachel LOVES her new friend :)

Melissa planned a fun activity to teach the second Pathfinder Stepping Stone which is "Love God".  She had 7 paper bags and each bag had something inside it to represent one of the Days of Creation.  For the first day, there was a flashlight in the bag because God divided the light from the dark.  On the second day, God created the atmosphere and separated it from the there was a water bottle in the bag.  How cute!

We talked about each day and Rachel colored a corresponding coloring page. 

Of course, on the sixth day, God created man and woman.  We also talked about how God created another wonderful blessing.  Melissa pulled out a mirror and said, "God created you!"  Rachel had fun looking in the mirror!

Pathfinder girls have a big sister mentor.  Rachel's big sister is so sweet with her and Rachel loves her dearly.

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