Field Trip to Animal Adoption Center

We took a tour of the Flower Mound Animal Adoption Center to learn all about animals including pets and local wildlife.

This field trip was arranged through the Humane Society Animal Adventurers Kids Club that we just recently joined.

We learned about how to take care of all different kinds of pets.  We even got to see how the identification microchip scanner works by seeing it scanned over the plush Scooby Doo and kitty cat toys.  I thought that was kind of cool since I didn't know exactly how all of that worked.

Then the kids played a game.  Each child went up to the front of the room and pulled out an item from the box.  They had to determine if it was "pawsitive" for their pet or harmful and tell why.  Nicholas pulled out a dog leash.  Yep, that's a good thing for a pet.

Rachel picked a bag of plastic Easter eggs.  Nope, candy filled plastic eggs would not be good for a pet.

We talked a lot about local wildlife including rabbits, squirrels, owls, skunks, and even bobcats and coyotes.  Yep, we have it all in our little surburban town.  Nicholas was really good at being able to determine the wild animal tracks that they displayed for the kids.

Then we went on a tour of the facility.  We saw the pet playground.

And lots of cute dogs and cats.  Rachel fell in love with this little 8 year old dachshund dog.  Her name is Chloe and Rachel did not want to leave her window.  Oh no!

I fell in love with these little kittens.

I have no interest in having a pet these days but they are just so sweet to look at.

Surprisingly Nicholas also fell in love with a cat.  Her name is Coco.  She is really docile and gets along well with other animals and children.

The kids were each asking to take their favorite pet out to play with in person.  I knew that would be a mistake for surely they would be inseparable then.  Fortunately it was 5:00 and the facility was closing for the day so I didn't have to even bother saying "no".

But outside, both kids were asking for us to come back tomorrow and adopt Chloe and Coco to bring them home for our very own.  I got the rolled out lip from Nicholas.

Rachel was a little more upset about leaving without the little doggie with the pink bandana.
We will not be getting any pets anytime in the near future so I pray that Chloe and Coco find happy new homes soon.

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