Make Your Own Pretend Candy Box for Kitchen Playtime

Rachel loves kitchen playtime.  She has a pretend kitchen and lots of pretend food.  She takes our orders and then serves us wonderful meals of plastic and wood with such a happy grin on her face.

We had an empty heart shaped box left over from Valentine's Day and I decided to show Rachel how we could make some pretend candy to put in it.  We went to Hobby Lobby craft store and found some clay.  I looked at "real" clay but it is very firm and difficult for little hands to manipulate.  Instead we found a cool product called Model Magic by Crayola.  It has an airy texture and super soft and easy to shape by hand.  It is also air-dried so you don't have to bake it in the oven to harden it.  It is just perfect for young children to work with.  We got some in brown and white so that we could have milk chocolate and white chocolate candies.  I even pulled out some real sprinkles from the pantry!

We first made little candy balls of chocolate and white chocolate.

Then we use contrasting colors and sprinkles to decorate the tops of our candies.

Once we were done we let them air dry.  This is so hard for little ones to do.  They just insist on playing with them and touching them before they are dry. Rachel's candy box turned out so pretty and she is so proud that she learned how to make her own pretend food for her play kitchen.

The boys were intrigued by the Model Magic and had to give it a try for themselves.  Daddy made a cute little piggie while Nicholas made a fire-breathing dragon!  I love how this turned into a fun family craft project!

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