Kids and Their Mis-Matched Outfits

Kids have a tendency to put together mis-matched outfits.  I have always tried to let my children pick out their own clothes.  However, I make it easy for them by hanging outfits together and teaching them how to match colors.

Rachel was getting dressed so she could run an errand with Daddy to Home Depot.  She came downstairs and proudly showed us how she could hold a book in her dress.


But not as interesting as the rest of her outfit.  First, she had chosen a velvet and satin embroidered dress that she only wears to church.  Remember she is going to Home Depot.  Plus she has matched it with red socks and hot pink glittered shoes.  Oh my!

I let the mismatched colors go but I told her that dress was too fancy to wear to Home Depot and that I didn't want her to mess it up by just spending the day playing in it.  She told me, "Don't worry.  It will be fine!"  But I insisted that she needed to go back upstairs and put on some pants.  

Here is what she did:

Preschooler in mismatched outfit

Yep, she did NOT change OUT of the dress.  She just added pants to it!  Seriously, you can't make this stuff up!  Stuart said it wasn't worth arguing with her over and off they went to Home Depot.

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