Happy St. Patrick's Day

As Stuart was leaving for work this morning he mentioned that he told Nicholas it was St. Patrick's Day and "Mom probably has some fun things planned for today".  Yes, I usually like to have fun on holidays and last week I had kicked around some ideas but then I totally forgot that St. Patrick's Day was today.

Scramble time!  I had already pulled some things down from the attic like my two little leprechauns that I bought last year at Hobby Lobby on March 18th when they were 90% off as well as the window clings and other shamrock accessories that Rachel is so proudly modeling below.

We got our regular school work done first.  Rachel worked on this little math activity that a friend made and passed along to me. The cards have some numbers on them but she has to figure out which numbers are missing and place them in the appropriate order.  

This is really too easy for her but she loves working on it so we'll keep it a little while longer.

After lunch we had more fun with the St. Patrick's Day theme.  Nicholas read a book out loud to Rachel about the history of the holiday.  This is a book by Gail Gibbons who I love as a children's author.  She writes about educational non-fiction topics but in a simple way that even Rachel can understand.  Her books always have big colorful pictures which help keep my squirmy kid's attention.

Next we played a St. Patrick's Day Bingo Game that I found at the Blessed Beyond a Doubt blog.  It even came with a cute template for making our own paper dice for the game.

The kids took turns rolling the dice to determine the letter and picture for each play.

Everyone had different bingo cards and we used little green plastic discs to mark the spots.

The game was fun but I think rolling the dice may have been the biggest hit of the game.

After dinner, Stuart took Nicholas to a Trail Life meeting while Rachel and I stayed home making thumbprint shamrocks.

It was simple.  Just three thumbprints then outline with a marker and add a stem.

I may have mentioned this before but notice how Rachel bends her head close to her work.  I've actually seen her bent over even farther than this picture shows.  I recall teachers commenting about me doing that when I was little and even later in high school after I was wearing contacts or glasses.  I don't think it is a vision problem but just something that we need to keep an eye on.

She added dirt and cut out her shamrock to keep.

It was a beautiful day so we headed outside for a nature walk to look for REAL clovers!  Pictures coming soon...

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