Tea Party with Rachel

Nicholas, Rachel, and I spend so much time together during the day that most of our activities are geared towards something we can all do and that both kids will enjoy.

However, I love it when one of the children is in a summer camp or Stuart lets one tag along with him to run errands. It gives me quality one on one time with the other child. Even though they both get time with me all day, there is just something special about one on one time when they have my undivided attention all to themselves.

Rachel and I recently had some girl time together so we threw a little tea party for her baby doll and her Barbie Cinderella.

Rachel got all dressed up for the occasion.

I went to the dining room to get a little silver plate that belonged to my grandmother to make our party just a little bit more special. Rachel saw where I got it from and, of course, I caught her over their exploring for other treasures just a minute later.

She made sure that all of her guests were taken care of.

I just love how excited she looked as we finished setting up for the party.

We had a wonderful tea party complete with tea and hot chocolate, pastries, bread, and fresh fruit.

Rachel was the perfect hostess. She refilled all of our cups over and over and over again.

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