Free Child Labor!

I don't think Stuart could be more excited...

Nicholas wanted to learn how to mow the grass!

Hooray for free child labor!

It started out a little shaky. Notice that all of the tires are NOT touching the ground.

With Stuart's help they got that problem fixed. Notice the concentration (aka stress) on Stuart's face and the smile on Nicholas' face!

Stuart did have to help with the turns because the lawn mower is still kind of big for the little guy to maneuver.

Still a big smile on Nicholas' face and Stuart is finally looking a little more relaxed too.

Look! No hands! Big smile on Stuart's face but I think Nicholas was starting to get tired about now.

Nicholas didn't finish mowing the yard but he was quite proud of his newly found skill.

Now that he has shown interest in it, I think we might need to make this part of his regular weekend fun!

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