Cheerios Bracelet

We love Cheerios in our house. We eat them for breakfast all the time but we also play with them too.

I'm sure you are familiar with candy bracelets where candy beads are strung on a piece of elastic and the child slowly eats away at the candy beads. Well, today we made a healthier version using just Cheerios and pipe cleaners (I didn't have any elastic).

Tie a little knot in one end of the pipe cleaner. Then show the child how to thread the Cheerios on the pipe cleaners. This is so good for building those fine motor skills that they will use later in writing!

I only had to show Rachel one time and she excitedly grabbed the pipe cleaner and went to work.

We also used the Cheerios on the pipe cleaner for a counting lesson.

I wrapped the pipe cleaner bracelet around her arm and secured both ends together. She was so proud of her bracelet! And I was proud of her too!

Then she promptly ate all of the Cheerios!

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