No Time To Cook Dinner?

We seem to get busier and busier each year. Now that Nicholas is 7 years old, he is involved in several different activities. I take him to hockey and swimming once a week and karate twice a week. Unfortunately, some of these classes don't start until 5:30 in the evening which creates a serious time crunch for getting home, cooking dinner, bathing the kids and getting them to bed. It has gotten really hard to come home and have time to cook a wholesome dinner for my family.

I've tried a few dinners in a crock pot. They are easy because you usually just throw the ingredients in the pot and turn it on. My problem is that I don't usually think about dinner in the morning so I often forget about the crock pot until later in the afternoon and then it is too late.

Our other option is to pick up food in a drive through on the way home from karate. It's nice having a hot meal as soon as we get home. However, we started looking at the budget and we are spending much more money on dining out than we should. Plus I hate to think of all those extra calories from french fries and burgers that we wouldn't consume if only I had time to cook at home.

But let me share my latest secret with you.

It's my life preserver when life gets too hectic to cook a good meal at home.'s Marie Callender’s.

Yes, I fed my family a frozen meal for dinner

...and they LOVED it!

Just take a look at what we had for dinner.

This is Marie Callender's Turkey Breast with Stuffing. It comes with creamy mashed potatoes & gravy (my husband's favorite food in the world), and green beans and carrots.

It took me only 6 minutes in the microwave to cook this.

I added salad and some dinner rolls and dinner was DONE!

The meal was rich and flavorful. It could have easily passed for my own home cooking...except that no one in my family would believe me if I told them I cooked something this yummy!

No more crock pots or fast food runs for us on busy evenings!

Note: Marie Callender's provided me with a free meal for review purposes and compensated me for my time involved in the review. However, the comments and opinions are all my own. I would not promote a product that I didn't sincerely want to recommend to others.

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