Squeaky Clean And Oh So Cute

Rachel and I spent the morning playing outside. We got a little messy so we had to get cleaned up when we got home. Rachel loves bath time but she was late going down for her nap so I wanted to get us both cleaned up quickly so I let her take a shower with me.

Rachel has never taken a shower before. At first she was very excited and walked right into the shower with a big smile on her face. She felt like such a big girl! But once the water was actually spraying on her, she got upset and I had to hold her while I finished washing her.

Afterwards she was happy again because she got to wrap up in one of Mommy's towels.

She's used to her little hooded towels so she had me fix it for her so she could still have her hood.

I love how Rachel crinkles up her nose as she says, "CHEEEEESE!" At least she's looking at the camera this time when she said it.

While I was getting ready, Rachel got out one of her little flossers and started playing with it. I love her sweet curiosity about how everyting works.

I love this little girl with all my heart!

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