Chasing Ducks

Rachel and I love the local duck pond. It has a fun playground, swings, and lots of ducks. Unfortunately we didn't have any bread to bring to feed the ducks but that didn't slow Rachel down one bit. As soon as she saw the ducks, she threw up her little arms and squealed, "Ducks!"

...and then proceeded to chase them!

I loved watching her squat down to talk to the ducks, "Hi, duck."

Eventually she gave the ducks a break and made her way onto the playground. I tried to get her to smile for a picture. She said "cheese" but kept looking the other way as she said it.

Of course, no trip to a park is complete without hunting for treasures. Rachel found a nice big acorn on the ground.

She decided the ducks would eat this just like bread so she started chasing them down to feed them.

They weren't very interested in the acorn though!

I love this action shot...

This was Rachel's first time on a "big girl" swing. She usually only swings in the little bucket seats. Mommy was a bit nervous letting go of her long enough to take the picture but she really did great and held on to the chains the whole time.

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