My Little Pumpkins

We love Fall and all the fun we can have at our multiple local pumpkin patches.

There are always fun playhouses to play in.

Rachel had never been through a hay maze so Big Brother showed her the way.

Wee! Rachel loved finding the slide at the end of the hay maze!

She had to do that again so she ran back to the beginning and went right in. Nicholas was great and let Rachel lead the way this time through but he stayed close by just to keep her safe.

There are tons of fun wooden cut-outs in all the familiar characters that kids just love.

There are fun things to climb on and play in. There are really some great photo opportunities if you have someone to help wrangle the kids for you. I was just trying to get them both in the same spot. If that was accomplished then a smile on their faces was just lagniappe.

Playing with the giant pumpkins...

Rachel enjoyed rearranging the pumpkins in the Pumpkin House. Pick up a pumpkin, move it to an empty spot. Pick up another pumpkin, move it to an empty spot. Pick up a pumpkin and move it back into the spot that the first pumpkin was in. Repeat and repeat.

They then discovered the "big kid" hay maze. I didn't realize until they were both in it that it was only for ages 3 and up. This wouldn't have been such a big deal except that the hay bales were stacked so high that I couldn't see over them to keep an eye on my little pumpkins meandering around in there. But Nicholas is a veteran at hay mazes and they quickly appeared at the big playhouse slide at the end.

What fun!

Rachel had fun giving the pumpkins a ride in the wagon...

...and waving at the hay ride wagon as it passed us.

Both of my children loved this simple pumpkin. It was just a pumpkin wall with some windows that opened and closed. They spent more time here than with anything else at the pumpkin patch. They had fun closing up all the windows then opening them all at once. Or surprising each other by going on the other side to open up a window that the other one had just closed. Such simple fun. I love it.

A little fun on the playground before we go...

Then we headed off to the next pumpkin patch...right next door...

Pony rides!!! Nicholas hopped right on and rode it around like a pro (although there really wasn't much skill to it since the pony was tied to a post that only let it go in a small little circle).

Rachel, on the other hand, was not a pro. She was excited to look at the ponies but squealed in terror once she was actually sitting on the pony. How did she get to be such a scaredy cat?

There were more pumpkins, more bounce houses, and more rides...

...and one tired Mommy by the end of it all.

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