Having a Wild Time at the Dallas Zoo

Rachel and I met up with some friends at the Dallas Zoo. She loved the penguin exhibit and didn't want to leave. She compared her height to the penguins. Wow, this one is really tall!

But her favorite part was watching them swim. "Look Mommys! Dare he is!"

(Note: she used to call me Mommy but then she learned the possessive "Mommy's" as in "That's Mommy's cup". Now she calls me "Mommys" all the time. And, of course, Stuart is "Daddys".

She liked sitting on top of the elephant statues. She said, "Cheese!" for the camera several times but always while she was looking somewhere else. Well, it's a start.

Everything is exciting to a toddler.

Why look at the zebras when I can play with this muddy gravel?

She did like the giraffes though, especially since they came right up to us. I'm embarrassed to admit that I bought the exorbitantly expensive lettuce. 3 leaves for $5.00. Yes, I could have bought several heads of lettuce for that price! But my little girl was enjoying the giraffes so I really wanted to see if she would feed them. Honestly, I didn't really expect her to do it. She is so timid about some things that I expected her to just cling to me. But instead, she watched another little girl do it and then she did it herself like a pro! So proud of her!

We watched a cool lion encounter where the trainers talked to us about the lions and showed us some of the things they had taught the lions to do. It was amazing that these lions are only 1 1/2 years old but they tower over the trainers when they stand up on their back legs. They are such incredible and majestic animals.

Of course, we had a fun picnic lunch and there was lots of running, climbing, and playing with friends.

I had a lot of fun with Rachel at the zoo. It's neat watching her explore and experience new things on her own and not just following her big brother around and copying everything that he does.

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