More Milk!

Rachel is so stinking cute when she asks for more milk. She still calls it "Noulk" or "Nilk" or "Nolk" or something like that. I just love quirky pronunciations from toddlers! But what's also cute is that when she decides she wants milk and doesn't have said milk in sight, she will often kick in to panic mode. Now I don't usually torture her by making her wait for her milk but I just had to capture the cuteness somehow.

Rachel loves her milk!

It's funny because I used to be the same way about milk (I still am). I remember when I was little, I woke up one night and wanted milk. My parents were out of milk - can you believe they could let such a thing happen?! My creative and accomodating mom presented me with a glass of milk made from some powdered milk she found in the pantry. Of course, it wasn't ice cold from the fridge so she had added some ice to it to make it cold. Sneaky but you can't fool a true milk addict. The subpar milk just wouldn't do and I started crying because I just wanted milk and nothing else would do. I remember even asking if we could wake up Dad to go get some milk at the store. I don't recall what happened but I really doubt that I got my milk that night.

I'm still get cravings for a glass of milk and, sometimes, there is just no substitute.

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