Salvation Army: Feeding Those in Need

Our church, Valley Creek, provides lunch on the first Sunday of every month to the homeless and those in need at the Lewisville Salvation Army's Soup Kitchen.  Rachel and I signed up to bring a family size Stouffer's lasagna and to serve.

The Salvation Army serves free lunch regularly during the week with their own volunteers but churches and other organization can help fill the gaps on the weekends.

We helped to set up the food line and we served people as they came through.  Once they were seated we went back around to see if they needed more water or wanted a cookie for dessert.  

We also took a tour of the facilities and learned more about all that this local Salvation Army office does for the community.  They provide free lunch, shower facilities, clothing, toiletries, and Bibles.

They also have a small food pantry where they give out Bags of Love full of food for people in need.  Rachel has spent a few hours working on decorating their bags with pretty pictures and inspirational words to brighten the recipient's day.

They also provide some vocational rehabilitation and referrals to help get people back on their feet.  We first had contact with the Salvation Army back during the 1000 Year Flood in south Louisiana when Stuart's parents' house flooded.  We were there removing wet belongings and soaked sheet rock and the Salvation Army was the first group to bring a hot meal to us.  They are such a blessing to the communities they serve.

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