Anne of Green Gables

For a fun read aloud in our homeschool, we have been reading Anne of Green Gables (*affiliate link). The book was written in 1908 by L.M. Montgomery.  It is a children's classic but I had never read it.  We all enjoyed it.  It is about an 11 year old little orphan girl who seems to have a knack for getting herself into trouble.  We took several months to finish it.  I read aloud to them and at the end of each chapter they would take turns narrating to me what had happened and then tell me their thoughts on the story.  Unfortunately, we didn't have time in our schedule to read it on a regular basis like I would have liked.  We would have gotten through it more quickly if I had but that's ok.  It worked out perfectly because we finished it up just as the Artisan Center Theater was producing their Anne of Green Gables play!

As a special treat, we were able to get tickets for a weekend performance so Daddy was able to come with us.  He doesn't usually get to come on homeschool field trips with us so this made it especially fun.

The performance was great!  I may have gotten teary a time or two.  Afterwards Rachel was excited to get to meet the girl who played Anne.

We are working on picking out our next read aloud book.  There are just so many great books I want them to read!!!  We love reading aloud together.  It's a great way to experience the story together and we enjoy being able to discuss it and share in the excitement together.  For a great resource for inspiration for reading aloud with your family and even some great booklists, check out Sarah MacKenzie's Read Aloud Revival site.  

*This post contains an affiliate link to Amazon.  If you purchase the Anne of Green Gables book through this link I will get a very small payment that just goes to pay for this blog.  It will not affect the cost you pay for the book.

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