Earlier this week we had some really cold temperatures and there was quite a bit of ice on the ground.  Nicholas found this huge iceberg in our yard!

But this morning we woke up to a beautiful drift of snow coming down all around us.  It is so much nicer than just plain ice.

Our kids are obsessed with eating snow.  Rachel tried to just catch snowflakes in her mouth.

While Nicholas found the deepest snow on the table on the deck in the backyard and just scooped it up with his tongue!

The snow was already deep but it just kept falling.  Stuart was working from home but he came out from time to time to play with us.  It has been a fun day!

Of course, we had to take many breaks to come back inside to warm up with hot chocolate topped with whipped cream!

As much as we love the beautiful snow, the kids' grandmother is flying into town tomorrow to see them in their play, Beauty and the Beast Jr. and I can't get to the grocery to buy even basic foods for her visit.  Oh well, I guess we'll just have to go out to eat!  

Now back to playing with the kids in this amazing snow!

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