A Sneak Peek

The kids are busy with rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast Jr. which opens at our local community theatre this week.  I can't take pictures or record video during the actual performances but I did get a few clips during rehearsal that I wanted to share with grandparents who can't travel to see them perform in person.

The basic story of Beauty and the Beast is a young prince refuses to help an old woman who comes to his castle door late one night.  The old woman is actually an enchantress who turns the prince into a beast as punishment.   She also turned all of the servants in the castle into enchanted objects like clocks, candlesticks, flatware, and tea cups.  The beast and his servants will remain in this state until the beast finds true love or until the last petal of a magical rose falls and the rose dies.

I'll skip ahead a bit and say that the beautiful Belle ends up being captured by the beast.  The enchanted objects who are the servants in the castle invite her to be their guest at dinner one night.

Here's their performance of "Be Our Guest" at rehearsal.  This was not a full dress rehearsal but you will see some people with larger costume pieces practicing in partial costume to help them get used to their pieces.  Nicholas is a knife wearing a gray jacket.  Rachel is one of the adorable little tea cups.

Later in the story, some angry villagers raid the beast's castle and try to kill him.  They are not aware of the enchanted objects who hide throughout the castle and attack the villagers as they defend their home and their master.

And the most beautiful song in the story is the finale.  My kids just line up along the bottom of the stage but I can't help but get distracted by the two little tea cups that get into an argument because their isn't enough room for their handles where they are sitting!

Opening night is Friday and the kids are so excited! The costumes, props, and sets are just amazing but the kids are what make the show so magical!

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