Painting Doilies for Valentine's Day

Rachel loves all kinds of craft projects but especially those that involve painting.  For Valentine's Day I found some paper doilies and showed her how to paint over them to make a neat picture she could use for a Valentine's Day card.  I loved doing this with her because I used to love making these when I was little!

She chose a piece of plum colored card stock paper and then she chose some white paint.  She used some small pieces of tape underneath the paper doily to hold it in place on the paper.  

She used a sponge dabber to press the paint onto the cut-outs of the paper doily.  It is best to press straight down on the doily rather than paint side to side in order to best ensure that the paint does not seep under the paper.  You only want the paint to reach the paper where the cut-outs are.

Once she had covered the doily with paint, she decided to paint around the edge of the heart too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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