Lunch in Gainesville at Sarah's on the Square

After our visit to the Frank Buck Zoo, we were hungry and thirsty so we headed over to the Square to a bite to eat.  We had never been to Sarah's on the Square so we thought we'd try something new.

Sarah's on the Square in Gainesville, TX

The restaurant is cozy and eclectic with a big fancy chandelier hanging over the bar and some giant kitchen utensils hanging down on the wall.   I love the mix and match feeling throughout.

Dining room at Sarah's on the Square in Gainesville

Nicholas tried a burger which was served on some delicious bread along with their homemade chips.

Burger and homemade chips at Sarah's on the Square

I tried their Chicken Spaghetti.  My mom made Chicken Spaghetti a few times when I was little and I never see it on menus so I just had to try it.  It was amazing!  Spaghetti in a rich creamy sauce with mushrooms and lots of cheese.  Yum!  Now I'm craving it again!

Amazing Chicken and Spaghetti at Sarah's on the Square

Stuart ordered a Reuben sandwich.  He wondered if it was really reuben meat or just ham.  I was disappointed to see that there wasn't a lot of meat on it.  But he let me try it and it did taste good.  But perhaps it isn't an authentic Reuben sandwich.

With our bellies full, we kicked back and rested for a moment before heading out on our next adventure.

Sarah's on the Square is located at 115 W. California Street in Gainesville, TX.  They are open for lunch Tuesday - Thursday and open for lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday.  For information, please give them a call at 940-612-4782 or check out the Sarah's on the Square Facebook page.

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