Moving in to Great Wolf Lodge

**This post and a few others to follow are a little late in getting published.  I started them in the hotel but couldn't get pictures uploaded so I wrote the text while we there but gave up on publishing them until we were settled back in at the house.**

We are now out of our house and we have moved into a hotel so that our downstairs floor can be repaired from the flood damage.  The contractor has given us an estimate of 10 days to do the work but it could end up being longer. 

Fortunately, Stuart has spent a lot of time talking with our insurance company and with the manager at Great Wolf Lodge to try to work out a way for us to stay at a place that would be fun for the kids so they don't go stir crazy being cooped up in a little hotel room for 10 days.  With all of the repairs that are needed and the insurance deductible looming over us, we really don't want to have to come out of pocket for the hotel stay.  Thanks to a great deal that Great Wolf Lodge offers to families that homeschool and the generosity of the management at the resort, we will now call Great Wolf our home for the next 10 or more days, at no cost to us!

From the parking lot you can begin to see the awesomeness of this hotel.  Those are water slide tubes and a giant water slide funnel.  There is just so much fun inside that it couldn't be contained within the walls!

Water Slides at Great Wolf Lodge

The kids couldn't wait to get inside.  Of course, the sound of howling wolves greeting us as we approached the door was just the perfect touch.

Front Door at Great Wolf Lodge

Here's the view from our room for the next week and a half.

This is such a major event for our family but we are holding to our faith that all will work out well in the end. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28.  I have packed up all of the kids school books and supplies so we will try to continue to work on their homeschool studies here. But we will also make sure that they have lots of time to blow off steam with all of the fun activities there are to do here.  I want them to feel like this is a fun staycation and not feel the stress that Stuart and I may feel as we deal with the issues around the house repairs.

Of course the kids are saying their own special prayers thanking God for helping Daddy to let us stay here for the the next 10 days!

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